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ManySStuBs4J Dataset

Rafael - Michael Karampatsis; Charles Sutton

The ManySStuBs4J corpus is a collection of simple fixes to Java bugs, designed for evaluating program repair techniques.
We collect all bug-fixing changes using the SZZ heuristic, and then filter these to obtain a data set of small bug fix changes.
These are single statement fixes, classified where possible into one of 16 syntactic templates which we call SStuBs.
The dataset contains simple statement bugs mined from open-source Java projects hosted in GitHub.
There are two variants of the dataset. One mined from the 100 Java Maven Projects and one mined from the top 1000 Java Projects.
A project's popularity is determined by computing the sum of z-scores of its forks and watchers.
We kept only bug commits that contain only single statement changes and ignore stylistic differences such as spaces or empty as well as differences in comments.
Some single statement changes can be caused by refactorings, like changing a variable name rather than bug fixes.
We attempted to detect and exclude refactorings such as variable, function, and class renamings, function argument renamings or changing the number of arguments in a function.
The commits are classified as bug fixes or not by checking if the commit message contains any of a set of predetermined keywords such as bug, fix, fault etc.
We evaluated the accuracy of this method on a random sample of 100 commits that contained SStuBs from the smaller version of the dataset and found it to achieve a satisfactory 94% accuracy.
This method has also been used before to extract bug datasets (Ray et al., 2015; Tufano et al., 2018) where it achieved an accuracy of 96% and 97.6% respectively.

The bugs are stored in a JSON file (each version of the dataset has each own instance of this file).
Any bugs that fit one of 16 patterns are also annotated by which pattern(s) they fit in a separate JSON file (each version of the dataset has each own instance of this file).
We refer to bugs that fit any of the 16 patterns as simple stupid bugs (SStuBs).

For more information on extracting the dataset and a detailed documentation of the software visit our GitHub repo:

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