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IBSim Virtual Test Benchmark Data - Experiment Type: Thermal (LFA), SampleID: LFA_Rd0t00_A20, Data: XCT

Evans, Llion Marc

Sample ID: LFA_Rd0t00_A20

X-ray tomography (CT) image data of a Ti6Al4V disc. The 3D image was generated with an X-ray tomography scan performed by Dr Llion Evans with Swansea University, Advanced Imaging of Materials (AIM) equipment.

The dataset includes: raw radiographs; scan & reconstruction parameter settings file; reconstructed 3D volume. To visualise the 3D volume use software such as ImageJ ( The volume image data (.raw file) is in binary format and has the following characteristics: 1920 x 1920 x 1536; 16-bit; little-endian byte order.

This data is part of a 'virtual testing' benchmark study, where samples are tested physically in the lab and their microscale accurate digital equivalent are tested virtually through simulation. The technique of converting 3D volumetric images directly into finite element method (FEM) meshes is part of the Image-Based Simulation (IBSim) approach.

This data is part of a batch of samples for thermal testing via laser flash analysis (LFA), following the standards ASTM E1461 / ASTM E2585. As part of the study, controlled defects were introduced into the samples. This was achieved by machining a disc shaped recess (of defined diameter and depth) into one disc which is bonded onto another disc, so that the defect is located internally within the final sample.

The samples in the batch are named as follows.

Sample ID              Diameter   Thickness   Recess d   Recess t
LFA_RNA_###       12.6           2.5              N/A            N/A
LFA_Rd0t00_###   12.6           1.25 x 2      N/A            N/A
LFA_Rd8t02_###   12.6           1.25 x 2      8.0             0.2
LFA_Rd8t08_###   12.6           1.25 x 2      8.0             0.8
LFA_Rd6t02_###   12.6           1.25 x 2      6.0             0.2
LFA_Rd6t08_###   12.6           1.25 x 2      6.0             0.8
LFA_Rd4t02_###   12.6           1.25 x 2      4.0             0.2
LFA_Rd4t08_###   12.6           1.25 x 2      4.0             0.8

Where ### denotes the furnace bonding batch (A-C and N for no bonding cycle) and sample number (01-30). Values in mm.

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