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Late Carboniferous and Early Permian non-fusuline foraminifers of the Akiyoshi Limestone Group in the Wakatakeyama area, Akiyoshi (Japan)

Kobayashi, Fumio; Vachard, Daniel

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Revue de Paléobiologie
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Carboniferous and Permian marine faunas in Japan are principally derived from the Akiyoshi Limestone in the Akiyoshi Terrane (Permian accretionary complex), southwest Japan. The lower Moscovian (Kashirian) to the lowest Cisuralian (Asselian) and middle Cisuralian (Yakhtashian) of the Akiyoshi Limestone Group are subdivided into 12 fusuline zones from the Fusulinella biconica Zone to Paraleeina magna Zone. Stratigraphic distribution of 42 species assignable to 21 genera of non-fusuline foraminifers, besides two indeterminate taxa, is given in these 12 fusuline zones established in the Wakataketaya area. The Wakatakeyama non-fusuline foraminiferal fauna is characterized by predominant bradyinids and palaeotextulariids, and subordinate tetrataxids. Seven species of Bradyina and two species of Pseudojanischewskina are described. Among them, newly proposed herein is Pseudojanischewskina akiyoshiensis n. sp. ranging from the Podolskian to the early Asselian.
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