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Some Aspects of Bio-Environmental Problems and Further Development of Science and Scientific Policy in European Countries

Kostov, Ognyan; Van Clemput, Oswald

There is a lot of concern about climate change, nature and quality of life of people. Human activities directly affect more than 70% of the global ice-free land surface. Land also plays an important role on climate. Sustainable land and forest management can prevent and reduce land degradation, maintain soil fertility and productivity and reverse the adverse impact of climate change and land degradation. The present state of our environment, problems and future for EC science and science policy are presented in this paper. The actual status with regard to agriculture, industry, food, environmental microbiology, production and consumption of greenhouse gasses and how microorganisms will be affected by climate change and how microorganisms affect climate changes and other human activities are shown. Quality of life and suitability of environmental policies are discussed. Analyzes, contribution and problems of environmental policy are demonstrated. Future purposes, priority areas and directions of the environmental EU policy are also presented. In addition, polices for implementation of bio-environmental strategy as complex purpose are discussed. Supporting of scientific personals involved in this policy, enough financing of environmental sciences and identifying priority areas were shown. Financial regulation for environmental policy and priority areas are being underlined. The following aspects are also handled: protection of intellectual property, science infrastructure, government and private science units, updated supply of science policy information, as well as cooperation and coordination between EC members. Building scientific centers to study the relationship among environmental science and policy and business are presented. Actions for implementation of the environmental strategy are recommended. More and more stronger standards for protection and maintenance of environmental quality are recommended. The EU countries have to initiate the introduction of new laws for protection of humanity and environment. The discussion of the above-mentioned problems strongly supports the paper: “scientist’ warning to humanity: microorganisms and climate change”. Some scientists predict environmental collapses at different periods. Bio, organic low impute and sustainable agricultural practices reduce the negative tendencies for natural processes, soil fertility, rate of contamination of soils, waters and air and climate changes. Poverty, soil contamination, ways of soil exploitation, low rate of waste management, rate of concern of nature by political leaders and governments have influenced the rate of climate changes. Better and stricter standards are needed for protection and maintenance of our environment. The EU countries can take an initiative for new laws to protect humanity and maintain our environment at the present level. 

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