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Model outputs: Quantitative assessment of fire and vegetation properties in historical simulations with fire-enabled vegetation models from the Fire Model Intercomparison Project

Hantson, Stijn; Rabin, Sam; Kelley, Douglas I.; Arneth, Almut; Harrison, Sandy P.; Archibald, Sally; Bachelet, Dominique; Forrest, Matthew; Hickler, Thomas; Kloster, Silvia; Lasslop, Gitta; Li, Fang; Mangeon, Stephane; Melton, Joe R.; Nieradzik, Lars; Prentice, I. Colin; Sheehan, Tim; Sitch, Stephen; Teckentrup, Lena; Voulgarakis, Apostolos; Yue, Chao

This dataset contains the fire model outputs of various variables used in the initial FireMIP benchmarking paper.

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The North American Carbon Program and TRENDY data policies are used as a template for FireMIP Data Policy. 

1. FireMIP Data 

The term “FireMIP Data” means all DGVM simulation output from the set of simulations performed within Firemip, as well as the analytical tools and processed benchmarking data sets generated within FireMIP.

2. Sharing Data 

All FireMIP Data will be made freely available to the wider scientific community via a data repository once the final version of the peer-reviewed article presenting the main study has been published. 

In the meantime, the FireMIP Data must be considered provisional, and subject to change. FireMIP data will be made available in preliminary form to FireMIP investigators, and associates (on a case-by-case basis) to enable quality assurance through preliminary analysis and intercomparison with other data sets. Corrections and refinements to data products and tools are possible as the analysis proceeds. 

3. Credit to Modelling Groups 

When FireMIP Data is used by others in publications during the course of FireMIP, scientists who generated the DGVM simulations, developed the analyses tools, or generated the auxiliary datasets used, will be credited appropriately, either by co-authorship, citation, or acknowledgement. For data that have not been published, the individual modeling teams must be informed of analysis and publication plans well in advance of submission of a paper, given an opportunity to read the manuscript, and, if appropriate, be offered co-authorship. In cases where unpublished data from investigators are a minor contribution to a paper, the data are to be referenced by a citation or acknowledgement. Users of the data must state the primary source of the data as well as the version number. Under no circumstances should results from FireMIP Data be published without the prior knowledge and consent of the individual DGVM modeling groups (see list below). 

4. Acknowledging FireMIP

FireMIP investigators will include an acknowledgement in each publication or presentation arising from participation in FireMIP. The wording shall be similar to the following: “This study was part of the global Fire Model Intercomparison Project (FireMIP).” Upon publication of results, investigators should send the FireMIP coordinators an electronic copy of the publication. 

5. Resolving conflicts over data and the data policy. 

Conflicts over the interpretation of this Data Policy, or its implementation, will be resolved at the lowest level possible within the FireMIP organization. Direct resolution of issues between investigators is preferred. 

6. Contact Details 

FireMIP is coordinated by Stijn Hantson ( and Almut Arneth ( If you need further clarification of the data policy, please contact one of the above as a first point of reference. 


Participating DGVM groups and contact details: 

CLM: Fang Li (

CTEM v2.0: Joe Melton (

JSBACH-SPITFIRE: Gitta Lasslop (

JULES-INFERNO: Stephane Mangeon (

LPJ-GUESS-BLAZE: Stijn Hantson (

LPJ-GUESS-GlobFIRM: Stijn Hantson (

LPJ-GUESS-SPITFIRE: Matthew Forrest (

MC2-fire: Dominique Bachelet (


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