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Barski-lab/cwl-airflow: Bug fixes, update to the latest Airflow==1.10.6

Michael Kotliar; Shubham Padia; Michael R. Crusoe

Some new features

  • Use Singularity instead of Docker (default: False). Update airflow.cfg with
    singularity = True
  • Force to use container (default: true). Update airflow.cfg with
    use_container = True

Launching MacOs App from the console:

  1. Set AIRFLOW_HOME environment variable to use a custom location for Airflow home directory
  2. Run configuration script (do it every time you change AIRFLOW_HOME) Script will run airflow initdb, update airflow.cfg, copy DAGs and create required connections
  3. Run scheduler scheduler
  4. Run API server (use -h to see additional parameters)

Launching MacOs App from a Finder: NOTE: the default location for AIRFLOW_HOME will be used ~/airflow

  1. Double click on Script will create three services in ~/Library/LaunchAgents com.biowardrobe.airflow-scheduler.plist com.biowardrobe.airflow-webserver.plist com.biowardrobe.airflow-apiserver.plist
  2. Use Load and Unload buttons to start and stop services.
  3. If is moved to another location, make sure to manually remove abovementioned plist files

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