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Application of Internet of Things technology for sound monitoring during large scale outdoor events

Haddad, Karim; Munoz, Patricio; Gallo, Enrico; Vincent, Bruno; Song, Min-Ho

The European project MONICA aims at using IoT technology to help monitoring large outdoor events. The monitoring concerns the security using different types of sensors on one hand, and the sound impact to neighborhood on the other hand, using sound level meters. For this paper, we focus on the acoustic part. MONICA has started beginning of 2017. At Internoise 2018, we presented the concept of the project. During the year 2018, the project has been tested during different outdoor events in Europe. In this paper, we present the outcomes of some of these tests: during Kappa FuturFestival, during Movida, both in Torino, Italy and during Fêtes des Lumières in Lyon, France. During these events, the IoT sound level meters were tested at different locations: close to the sources, and in the neighborhood to estimate the sound impact. In order to reduce noise to surroundings, the Adaptive Sound Field Controller (ASFC) has been also tested during the year. The implementation and the setup of the system is presented.

  • B. Vincent, K. Haddad, W. Song, E. Gallo, C. Doucet, D. C. Nozal, M. Jahn, "MONICA, a European project focused on the Internet of Things for the acoustic quality and safety of outdoor large scale events", Internoise, Chicago, USA (2018)

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