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Synthesis of Telechelic Poly(p-benzamide)s

Mahshid Alizadeh; Andreas F.M. Kilbinger

Well-defined telechelic poly(benzamide)s were synthesized by chain-growth polycondensation of phenyl-4-amino benzoate and pentafluorophenyl-4-amino benzoate derivatives with a bifunctional initiator in the presence of LiTMP as base. The polymerization was carried out at −70 °C to prevent self-initiated polymerization. To confirm the control over molecular weight, different defined molecular weight polymers were synthesized and analyzed by GPC. Taking advantage of the labile ester end groups of these poly(benzamide)s, we carried out postpolymerization modifications to introduce different end functional groups such as alkyne, amine, alcohol, alkyl halide, and olefin suitable for different types of postpolymerization reactions. Successful end group modification was confirmed by 1H NMR spectroscopy and isotopically resolved MALDI-ToF mass spectrometry.

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