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23 Things: Support for Research Data. Updated version for the Dutch Community by the LCRDM task group RDA/23 Things

Jetten, Mijke; Berg, Boudewijn van den; Kuzak, Mateusz; Witkowska, Iza; Karvovskaya, Lena; Teijeiro Barjas; Leenarts, Ellen; Schoots, Fieke; Cruz, Maria; Plomp, Esther; Verbakel, Ellen; Martinez Lavanchy, Paula; Braaksma, Barteld; Schoonhoven, Ruurd; Verheul, Ingeborg

Intermediate project deliverable

This intermediate deliverable is part of phase 2 of the 23 Things Revisited: Field Guides to Research data Management project. In this phase, we adjust the original RDAs 23 Things: Libraries for Research Data resource in the following way:
1. The original resource will be updated according to recent RDM developments, such as the FAIR principles, the GDPR, and Open Science in Europe
2. Links and references will be changed to reflect Dutch or European initiatives and resources.
-> result: this intermediate project deliverable
3. Different (adjusted) versions of the 23 Things will be produced aimed at different target audiences (such as students, researchers, IT staff and data stewards)

-> Final deliverable(s) phase 2: reviewed version(s) of the 23 Things (adapted to the Dutch / European situation and to different target audiences; number depends on the needs; in consultation with RDA/Working Group)

About the project

23 Things Revisited: Field Guides to Research data Management is a project funded by RDA Europe following its Adoption Open Call in 2019. Research support staff, such as data stewards, IT support staff, librarians or policy officers, often have different levels of understanding of Research Data Management (RDM). However, they need to collaborate closely to offer state-of-the-art support for researchers wishing to do responsible RDM. The 23 Things: Libraries for Research Data resource that has been developed by the RDA's Libraries for Research Data Interest Group can act as a shared reference tool that enhances mutual understanding and improves collaboration in the Netherlands. It can also be used for quick reference and as a guideline for training. We propose to update and adjust the 23 Things to the above-mentioned audiences and stimulate nationwide adoption.


The project’s implementation and adoption plan can be found at 10.5281/zenodo.3337869. Together with the workplan and Gantt chart, it describes the goals, activities, stakeholders involved in the adoption, implementation and dissemination of the '23 things' in the Netherlands. 

Task group

The project is executed by a community-driven task group, in the context of the National Coordination Point Research Data Management (LCRDM, the Netherlands). See for more information about the task group and its deliverables.

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