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Cooperative-Intelligent Transport Systems for Vulnerable Road Users safety

Casademont, Jordi; Calveras, Anna; Quiñones, David; Navarro, Monica; Arribas, Javier; Catalan-Cid, Miguel

Cooperative-Intelligent Transport Systems (CITS) are one of the flagships of new coming automotive and communication industries. Mobility needs to be safer and more efficient and C-ITS are the key for this new era. On the one hand, organizations like ETSI, IEEE, SAE, 3GPP or ISO are developing the standards for the new technologies and protocols and, on the other, manufacturers and operators are deploying and testing their first pilots. In this paper, we present a pilot developed by a group of stakeholders, in which vehicles will alert drivers of potential collisions with vulnerable road users riding bicycles. It is a multidisciplinary project where there are different architecture components: C-ITS stations integrated in vehicles, vehicles provided with digital cockpits that show warning messages to the driver, low-cost C-ITS stations attached to bicycles which are equipped with a high precision location system based on the fusion of different information sources as GPS, inertial sensors and Ultra Wide Band ranging and finally communication between C-ITS stations is provided by a network that supports low delay C-V2X communications with a Multi-access Edge Computing which takes routing decisions.

Part of the development has been supported by the ERDF the Spanish Government through projects TEC2016-79988-P, TEC2016-76795-C6, AEI/FEDER, UE; by Secretaria d'Universitats i Recerca del Departament d'Empresa i Coneixement de la Generalitat de Catalunya through projects 2017 SGR 00376 and 2017 SGR 1479 and by the EU H2020 5GCROCO project funded under grant agreement No. 825050.
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