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Novel LHC collimator materials: High energy Hadron beam impact tests and nondestructive postirradiation examination

Gobbi, Giorgia; Bertarelli, Alessandro; Carra, Federico; Guardia-Valenzuela, Jorge; Redaelli, Stefano

The LHC collimation system must adopt materials with excellent thermal shock resistance, high electrical conductivity, geometrical stability, and radiation hardness. Two novel composites, Molybdenum–Carbide–Graphite and Copper–Diamond, are proposed for the LHC collimation upgrade. A postirradiation examination was performed to assess the status of the composites, tested under intense proton beam impacts at the CERN HiRadMat facility. Metrology measurements, computed tomography, and 3D topography allowed to evaluate the localized spallation induced by the beam. This article provides an overview of the thermophysical characterization of the two composites before irradiation and nondestructive postirradiation results.

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