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THOR - complementary video recordings

Andrey Rudenko; Tomasz Piotr Kucner; Chittaranjan Sriniva Swaminathan SWAMINATHAN; Ravi Teja Chadalavada; Kaj O. Arras; Achim J. Lilienthal

THÖR is a dataset with human motion trajectory and eye gaze data collected in an indoor environment with accurate ground truth for the position, head orientation, gaze direction, social grouping and goals. THÖR contains sensor data collected by a 3D lidar sensor and involves a mobile robot navigating the space. In comparison to other, our dataset has a larger variety in human motion behaviour, is less noisy, and contains annotations at higher frequencies.

THOR - complementary video recordings - contains additional video material presenting the image form the eye tracker and stationary camera. The material is not synchronised with other parts of the data set and should be used only as a visualisation material.

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