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Channel State Information (CSI) analysis for predictive maintenance using Convolutional Neural Network (CNN)

Bagave, Prachi; Linssen, Jeroen; Teeuw, Wouter; Klein Brinke, Jeroen; Meratnia, Nirvana

Dataset manual:

This dataset contains CSI amplitude values for rotating motors in an office environment. Details of the experiments may be found in the corresponding paper published in the DATA'19 workshop, SenSys ( 

Folder structure:
The folders for servo motor and stepper motor contains separate folders for network reconnection conditions (w_recc: with reconnections, wo_recc: without recconnections) and load conditions (w_load: with load and wo_load: without load). The data is stores as Matlab files with .mat extentions. 

File structure:
In each file name, the digits after the '_' at the end of the file name correspond to the speed of the motor. In case of stepper motor these numbers could be directly interpreted as rpm. Ex: table_inj_with_load_5_0.mat corresponds to stationary motor (0 rpm) and table_inj_with_load_5_250.mat corresponds to motor rotating with 250 rpm speed. In the case of servo motor these numbers should be mapped with the following table in order to get the speeds.

0: 0 rpm
50: 14.45 rpm
100: 8.02 rpm
150: 5.38 rpm
200: 4.05 rpm
250: 3.26 rpm
300: 2.67 rpm
Ex: table_inj_with_load_50.mat corresponds to motor running with 14.45 rpm.

Each file has 3 columns, each corresponding to CSI value, labels (speed/last digits in the file name) and the data sample number (not in sequence as a result of packer loss) respectively. CSI values are typically a matrix of size 3000*180 (3000 CSI samples for 3sec data @1kHz sampling rate and 180 channels for 6 antenna pairs @ 30 subcarrier data per antenna).

Appears in the Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop on Data Acquisition To Analysis (DATA '19)
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