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The Japanese Female Facial Expression (JAFFE) Dataset

Lyons, Michael; Kamachi, Miyuki; Gyoba, Jiro


n.b. Before requesting access, READ and FOLLOW all of the instructions, or your request will certainly be rejected.



  • 10 Japanese female expressers
  • 7 Posed Facial Expressions (6 basic facial expressions + 1 neutral)
  • Several images of each expression for each expresser 
  • 213 images total
  • Each image has averaged semantic ratings on 6 facial expressions by 60 Japanese viewers
  • Resolution 256x256 pixels
  • 8-bit grayscale
  • Tiff format, no compression
  • Documentation: README_FIRST.txt and the articles linked below

The image dataset was planned and assembled by Michael Lyons, Miyuki Kamachi, and Jiro Gyoba, at Kyushu University, Japan.

The JAFFE images may be used for non-commercial scientific research under certain terms of use, which must be accepted to access the data.

The following article describes the JAFFE images and how they were photographed:
Michael J. Lyons, Miyuki Kamachi, Jiro Gyoba.
Coding Facial Expressions with Gabor Wavelets (IVC Special Issue) 

The following article explains the origin of JAFFE:
Michael J. Lyons
"Excavating AI" Re-excavated: Debunking a Fallacious Account of the JAFFE Dataset 

The images are provided at no cost for non-commercial scientific research only. If you agree to the conditions listed below, you may request access to download.
Restricted Access

You may request access to the files in this upload, provided that you fulfil the conditions below. The decision whether to grant/deny access is solely under the responsibility of the record owner.

Before sending a request READ THE FOLLOWING CAREFULLY

If you do not follow these instructions your request will be rejected.

The JAFFE images may be used only for non-commercial scientific research.

Any other use requires advance approval.

The following are not allowed:

  • Redistribution of any part or whole, or derivatives of the JAFFE dataset (incl. via Github, Kaggle, Colaboratory etc.)
  • Posting JAFFE images on the web and social media
  • Public exhibition of JAFFE images in museums/galleries etc.
  • Broadcast in the mass media (tv shows, films, etc.)

n.b. Please contact us beforehand if there are any questions or uncertainties about the terms of use. 

The source of the images must be acknowledged by citing the following article:

Michael J. Lyons, Miyuki Kamachi, Jiro Gyoba.
Coding Facial Expressions with Gabor Wavelets (IVC Special Issue)
arXiv:2009.05938 (2020)

When applying to download the data, you must provide the following:

  • Your name
  • Name and location of your university or research institute
  • Your position (e.g. graduate student, research assistant, professor, etc...)
  • Brief but specific description of the research project 

If you do not provide all of the required information, or if your proposed use is not specified, your request will be rejected.

n.b. JAFFE cannot be provided for the following:

  • homework 
  • course projects
  • undergraduate projects
  • personal use



  • Michael J. Lyons, Shigeru Akamatsu, Miyuki Kamachi, Jiro Gyoba. Coding Facial Expressions with Gabor Wavelets, 3rd IEEE International Conference on Automatic Face and Gesture Recognition, pp. 200-205 (1998). Open access content available at:

  • Michael J. Lyons, Excavating "Excavating AI": The Elephant in the Gallery, arXiv:2009.01215 (2020).

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