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Introducing EDEN ISS - A European project on advancing plant cultivation technologies and operations

Zabel, Paul; Bamsey, Matthew; Zeidler, Conrad; Vrakking, Vincent; Johannes, Bernd-Wolfgang; Rettberg, Petra; Schubert, Daniel; Romberg, Oliver; Imhof, Barbara; Davenport, Robert; Hoheneder, Waltraut; Waclavicek, René; Gilbert, Chris; Hogle, Molly; Battistelli, Alberto; Stefanoni, Walter; Moscatello, Stefano; Proietti, Smona; Santi, Guglielmo; Nazzaro, Filomena; Fratianni, Florinda; Coppola, Raffaele; Dixon, Mike; Stasiak, Mike; Kohlberg, Eberhard; Mengedoht, Dirk; Bucchieri, Lorenzo; Mazzoleni, Erik; Fetter, Viktor; Hummel, Thomas; Boscheri, Giorgio; Massobrio, Federico; Lamantea, Matteo; Lobascio, Cesare; Petrini, Alessandro; Adami, Marco; Bonzano, Giuseppe; Fiore, Lorenzo; Dueck, Tom; Stanghellini, Cecilia; Bochenek, Grazyna; Gilley, Anthony; McKeon-Bennett, Michelle; Stutte, Gary; Larkin, Tracey; Moane, Siobhan; Murray, Patrick; Downey, Peter; Fortezza, Raimondo; Ceriello, Antonio

Plant cultivation in large-scale closed environments is challenging and several key technologies necessary for space-based plant production are not yet space-qualified or remain in early stages of development. The EDEN ISS project foresees development and demonstration of higher plant cultivation technologies, suitable for future deployment on the International Space Station and from a long-term perspective, within Moon and Mars habitats. The EDEN ISS consortium will design and test essential plant cultivation technologies using an International Standard Payload Rack form factor cultivation system for potential testing on-board the International Space Station. Furthermore, a Future Exploration Greenhouse will be designed with respect to future planetary bio-regenerative life support system deployments. The technologies will be tested in a laboratory environment as well as at the highly-isolated German Antarctic Neumayer Station III. A small and mobile container-sized test facility will be built in order to provide realistic mass flow relationships. In addition to technology development and validation, food safety and plant handling procedures will be developed. This paper describes the goals and objectives of EDEN ISS and the different project phases and milestones. Furthermore, the project consortium will be introduced and the role of each partner within the project is explained.

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