Proposal Open Access

Recommendations for the Transition to Open Access in Austria

Bauer, Bruno; Blechl, Guido; Bock, Christoph; Danowski, Patrick; Ferus, Andreas; Graschopf, Anton; König, Thomas; Mayer, Katja; Nentwich, Michael; Reckling, Falk; Rieck, Katharina; Seitz, Peter; Stöger, Herwig; Welzig, Elvira

Based on 16 recommendations, efforts should be made to achieve the following goal:

By 2025, all scholarly publication activity in Austria should be Open Access. In other words, the final versions of all scholarly publications resulting from the support of public resources must be freely accessible on the Internet without delay (Gold Open Access). The resources required to meet this obligation shall be provided to the authors, or the cost of the publication venues shall be borne directly by the research organisations.

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