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Why do millions of people die, are amputated or invalidated by superbugs and not cured by phages ? Because the wrong doctor-near-the-top has the wrong mission in the wrong paradigm !

Bois, Christian

There is fact 1 :  Government bodies don't allow the use of phage therapy.
There is fact 2 : Phage therapy is the main available therapy to kill superbugs - resistant bacterias. 
Consequence : Millions of people die, are amputated or invalidated by superbugs because they are not cured by phages.
Working on this "horror show" for one year, we concluded that it is a paradigm problem.

Doctors-near-the-government are firmly installed in the factory paradigm.
They are warriors using venoms to kill bacterias.
They know about venoms, about factories.

They fear what is out of their paradigm and especially the garage paradigm.
They fear phages from sewage. They have a goddess named "purity".
They lose contact with the benefit / risk ratio.
They let Fred die not to harm Fred with impure phages.
We analyse this paradigmatic problem.

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