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Open Science Quest

England, Jonathan

The Open Science Quest was an activity organised as part of a national Open Science event in Luxembourg at the university library and was displayed for two weeks from 12 to 23 November 2018. Its aim was for library users (mainly Bachelor and Master students) and the event’s attendees (early-career and senior researchers, librarians and research support staff) to explore and discover Open Science practices at their own pace.

The activity was stand-alone and promoted independent learning – once set up no external help was needed apart from issuing the diploma and prize for completing the Quest. The aim was also to make the activity as informative and engaging as possible by requiring participants to use a mix of information gathering techniques – text, images and videos presented on the displays, websearch and online tools, (very simple) puzzle-solving. The Quest was created and displayed in such a way that allowed various types of individual learning goals – each display provided knowledge without requiring to do the Quest and the Quest itself could be completed by grasping a minimal of concepts, while allowing participants to get more in-depth knowledge of each subject if they wanted to.

All resources and materials used to prepare and showcase the Quest can be found here. Please read the 'User Guide' and the README files included in each folder and sub-folder to get more detailed information. You may also be interested in the blogpost:

Share, reuse, adapt and organise your own Open Science Quest! #OpenScienceQuest

Third-parties resources are provided for reference only, individual copyrights apply. Apart from the User Guide (CC-BY 4.0), the rest of the materials created for the Open Science Quest are provided under a CC0 Licence (Public Domain) so you can share, reuse, adapt and organise your own Open Science Quest! Feel free to attribute the author (Jonathan England, 0000-0001-6715-8628) whenever convenient.
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