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CamDavidsonPilon/lifelines: v0.21.0

Cameron Davidson-Pilon; Jonas Kalderstam; Paul Zivich; Ben Kuhn; Andrew Fiore-Gartland; Luis Moneda; Gabriel; Daniel WIlson; Alex Parij; Kyle Stark; Steven Anton; Lilian Besson; Jona; Harsh Gadgil; Dave Golland; Sean Hussey; Javad Noorbakhsh; Andreas Klintberg; Jeff Rose; Jakub Kaluzka; Isaac Slavitt; Eric Martin; Eduardo Ochoa; Dylan Albrecht; dhuynh; Denis Zgonjanin; Daniel Chen; Chris Fournier; Arturo; André F. Rendeiro

0.21.0 New features
  • weights is now a optional kwarg for parametric univariate models.
  • all univariate and multivariate parametric models now have ability to handle left, right and interval censored data (the former two being special cases of the latter). Users can use the fit_right_censoring (which is an alias for fit), fit_left_censoring and fit_interval_censoring.
  • a new interval censored dataset is available under lifelines.datasets.load_diabetes
API changes
  • left_censorship on all univariate fitters has been deprecated. Please use the new api model.fit_left_censoring(...).
  • invert_y_axis in model.plot(... has been removed.
  • entries property in multivariate parametric models has a new Series name: entry
Bug fixes
  • lifelines was silently converting any NaNs in the event vector to True. An error is now thrown instead.
  • Fixed an error that didn't let users use Numpy arrays in prediction for AFT models
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