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Webinar "Co-Simulation based Assessment Methods"

Bhandia, Rishabh; van der Meer, Arjen; Palensky, Peter; Widl, Edmund; Strasser, Thomas I.; Akroud, Nabil; Heussen, Kai; Jensen, Tue Vissing; Nguyen, Van Hoa

Work done in the ERIGrid project focuses on development of advanced simulation-based methods to test and validate smart grid scenarios. Smart Grid systems constitute of models interconnected across different domains. The unavailability of a single simulation platform to test these systems is overcome by co-simulation based assessment methods. Co-simulation requires development of necessary interfaces and couplings to integrate various domain specific specialized simulators, which are then coordinated by a master to orchestrate the simulation of the entire system. The webinar discusses the development and application of various models, tools and test systems developed to conduct co-simulation. The added complexity of simulator interactions with increase in system size is one of the main focus areas of the work done in the project. This webinar will give a live demonstration to showcase the workings of co-simulation models developed in ERIGrid. 

This webinar focused on the following topics:

• Development of Co-simulation approach
• Development of necessary interfaces, couplings, test systems etc.
• Implementations in the ERIGrid project

Additional information can be found at:

Project website
Project deliverables
Project publications
Project training material
Project open access tools

Supported by:

IEEE IES Technical Committee on Smart Grids (TC-SG) 
IEEE SMCs Technical Committee Cybernetics for Intelligent Industrial Systems (TC-IIS)

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