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ufz/ogs: 6.2.0

Dmitry Yu. Naumov; Tom Fischer; Lars Bilke; Karsten Rink; Christoph Lehmann; Norihiro Watanabe; wenqing; Yonghui56;; Chaofan Chen; jbathmann; xingyuanmiao; KeitaYoshioka; HBShaoUFZ; Marc Walther; Tianyuan Zheng; fparisio; ogsbot; ThieJan; NoCodeYet; carolinh; joergbuchwald; nagelt

Changelog Features New processes

  • HeatTransportBHE process supporting 1U, CXA, and CXC BHE types. #2221, #2332, #2271, #2275
  • Staggered implementation of a thermo-mechanical with phasefield process. #2102
  • Richards mechanics process. #2189
  • Small deformation process with non-local integration of damage. #2294
  • Staggered implementation of phasefield process. #2052
  • ComponentTransport process in revised formulation. #2200
  • Multi-component transport process. #2304
Other process' changes
  • A Jacobian tester: a process's Jacobian assembly can be compared to a numerical Jacobian (mostly for development. #2238
  • Add setInitialConditions() call to processes and local assemblers. #2334
  • Several bug fixes for LIE/HM process including "fracture into matrix leak-off", Darcy velocity output in the fracture. #2129
  • Support for intersecting fractures (x-crossing and t-junction) in LIE/SD process. #2235, #2293
  • Fixed the calculation of the Darcy velocity in staggered TH. #2127
  • Staggered scheme for coupled processes with different orders of elements. #2016
  • Subdomain deactivation within time intervals. #2297
  • Add a driver for an iteration based time stepping algorithm. #2318
Boundary condition
  • Implementation of Python boundary conditions. #2170
  • Implementation of constraint boundary conditions. #2145
  • Dirichlet boundary condition within a time interval. #2272
  • BoundaryElementSearch: Return bulk element id and bulk element face id. #2125
  • Removed Neumann boundary condition for displacement jumps in LIE processes. #2153
Source term Input and output
  • Writing and reading of integration point data. Implemented sigma and epsilon output for some processes. #2071, #2203, #2324
  • Add input of vtu-meshes for boundary conditions additionally to the gml input. This is later used by the heterogeneous parameters and source terms. #2140, #2141, #2156
  • Parameters may now be explicitly defined on arbitrary subdomains. This merges the Heterogeneous Dirichlet and Neumann boundary conditions with their, previously only homogeneous, counterparts. #2376
  • Parameters now support space-dependent function input via exprtk library. #2325, #2339
  • Output of primary variables on arbitrary subdomains. #2372, #2299
  • Output is possible at specific times for adaptive time stepping and evolutionaryPIDController. #2079
  • Calculate and output specific flux. #2411
  • Enable surface flux calculation for component transport process. #2168
  • Interpolated pressure (on higher order elements' nodes) output for Richards-mechanics and hydro-mechanics processes. #2228
  • Improve output of nodal aperture and aperture vector in LIE/HM. #2050
  • Add output of nodal forces and hydraulic flow in mechanics and coupled mechanics processes, SD, HM, LIE/SD, LIE/HM. #2118
  • Enable surface flux calculation for HT process. #2132
  • Fixed pvd output. #2036
Material models
  • BGRa creep model. #2167
  • New cohesive zone mode I fracture model for LIE processes. #2142, #2157
  • Add MFront/TFEL solid constitutive relation support via. MFrontGenericInterfaceSupport library. CMake option OGS_USE_MFRONT. #2259
  • Infrastructure for multi-phase, multi-component material properties library. #2303, #2415
  • Anisotropic tensors may now be given in given local coordinate system. #2370
  • Non-constant density model implementation in HC process. #2200
  • Add second derivatives of permeability functions in Richards flow. #2188
  • Different solid material models can now be defined on different materialIDs. #2216, #2262, #2270
  • Move solid constitutive relation creation in single place. #2160
Testing and documentation
  • Migrated Appveyor tests to Azure Pipelines. #2342
  • Added cppcheck, clang-tidy and include-what-you-use. #2078, #2328, #2377
  • Added check for header standalone compilation, can be enabled with OGS_CHECK_HEADER_COMPILATION=ON. #2043
  • Jenkins shows nice summaries of compiler warnings. #2206
  • Large tests are fixed and run on Jenkins upon master merge. #2056, #2155
  • Re-enabled code coverage reports (for the testrunner only) with Codecov. #2333, #2336
  • Commits containing [ci skip] in the commit message do not trigger a Jenkins build.
  • Add vtkdiff test configuration to project files, s.t. the vtkdiff tests are performed after successful run comparing output to reference files. This possibility is also reflected in a new CMake function OgsTest as an alternative to the AddTest. #2255, #2257
New tools
  • TecPlotTools: splitting files containing multiple zones into seperate TecPlot files. #2114
  • TecPlot-Reader: converting TecPlot rasters into OGS meshes (one file per zone, containing all variables as scalar arrays). #2114
  • constructMeshesFromGeometry: Construction of boundary meshes from bulk mesh and gml files. #2144
  • identifySubdomains: Identification of boundary meshes (or any subdomains in general) in the bulk mesh. Performs geometrical tests and creates and verifies necessary bulk_node_ids and bulk_element_ids maps. #2227, #2252
  • Mesh2Raster: converts 2D OGS meshes into raster files of arbitrary pixel size, where node elevation is represented by pixel value. #2367
  • GocadSGridReader tool reading the Gocad/SKUA stratigraphic grid format and writing the data in the vtu format. #2316
New tools and CLI usage
  • ogs --help shows the given CMake options. #2210
  • Unify command line version info output. #2194
  • Rewrite partmesh tool and add partitioning of boundary meshes (or subdomains in general) according to the partition of the bulk mesh. #2159, #2178, #2195
  • Add new features to ExtractSurface tool. #2387, #2401
  • updated utility moveMeshNodes: algorithm for mesh on mesh mapping now calculates exact node elevation instead of using interpolation. #2390
Data Explorer
  • Listing of source terms and boundary conditions in Data Explorer DataView (no visualisation yet). #2110
  • Mesh element removal can now remove elements based on value ranges of arbitrary scalar arrays (currently only int- and double arrays are supported). #2115
  • added custom VTK filter to represent raster data as point clouds. #2121
  • geometrical points can now be converted into station points. #2369
  • fixed issue with geometrical surfaces not being loaded correctly. #2388
  • Replace deprecated QVTKWidget with QVTKOpenGLWidget #2432
Other notable code changes
  • C++17 standard is enabled and is allowed in the production code (given the compiler support). #2298
  • Separate monolithic ProcessLib into individual processes. Now it is possible to build ogs with selected processes only. This also improves linking times. #2017
  • Parameters are extracted in own library. #2413
  • Port secondary variable extrapolation and output for PETSc builds. #2082
  • Extend Kelvin mapping functions and move implementation to MathLib. #2060, #2075, #2044
  • Collect generic algorithms in single header file. #2161
  • Remove unused MeshSubsets class. #2135
  • Removed writing of xsd header in XML files, #2198
Infrastructure CMake options changes
  • OGS_USE_PYTHON enables Python BCs. #2170
  • OGS_BUILD_TESTS was renamed to BUILD_TESTING. #2350
  • Added OGS_USE_CVODE. #2344
  • Added OGS_BUILD_PROCESSES for ;-separated list of processes to build. #2233
  • OGS_USE_CONAN=ON is now the default when conan was found. #2207
Version info
  • CMake minimum version 3.10
  • Visual Studio minimum (and tested) version 2017
  • GCC minimum version 6.2 (tested: 6.4)
  • Clang minimum version 3.5 (tested: 7.0)
  • Boost minimum version 1.66.0
  • VTK minimum version 8.1. #2158
  • Qt tested version 5.11.2
  • Python tested version 3.7.2

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