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Robert Appleby; Roger J Barlow; Adriana Bungau; James Fallon; Dirk Kruecker; James Molson; Haroon Rafique; Scott Rowan; Maurizio Serluca; Kyrre Ness Sjøbæk; Adina Toader; Sam Tygier; Nick Walker; Andy Wolski

Merlin++ is an accelerator simulation program that tracks beams through
components of a ring or beamline. Merlin++ is written in C++, and unlike MAD and most other packages, it is actually a library of C++ routines. The user writes their own program and compiles it against the MERLIN class definitions and  function libraries.

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Changes in release 5.02 (2019-03-19) Hollow Electron Lens: updates and refactoring. Removed some unneeded modes. Move parameters from process to elements. Add tests. DataTable: Introduction of new data structure and IO for TFS files. A flexible structure for columned data. Can be used to simplify many classes. ParticleBunch: New Constructor, to replace ParticleBunchConstructor class. Creation of common bunch types is now in the ParticleBunch class. Distribution types are factored out into ParticleDistributionGenerator. Aperture: Refactoring, use of DataTable. Aperture hierarchy is simplified. New ApertureConfiguration class using factory pattern and DataTable. MADInterface: Refactoring, use of DataTable. New MADInterface class using factory pattern and DataTable. Random Numbers: Switch to C++11 standard library RNG. Removed old RNG. LatticeFunctions and LinearAlgebra: Better handling of longitudinally unstable lattices. LatticeFunctions can fall back to 4-dims when full 6-dim is unstable. SetForceLongitudinalStability option to replace ScaleBendPathLength. Documentation: Large increase in coverage of doxygen docs. Tutorials: Add tutorials. Code formatting updates. Now using uncustify for formatting, eclipse_formatting_style.xml for Eclipse. Clean-ups, bug fixes, warning fixes, memory leak fixes. See or the APIChanges page in the documentation for changes that you may need to make to any existing Merlin scripts. Full list of changes can be found using git: git log v5.01..v5.02
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