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Biotea-2-Bioschemas test data

Garcia, Leyla; Giraldo, Olga; Garcia, Alexander; Rebholz-Schuhmann, Dietrich

Biotea-2-Bioschemas mapps Biotea model to following the approach proposed by Bioschemas. Here we present the test data used in Biotea GitHub pages, corresponding to 2596 PubMed Open Access (PMC-OA) subset publications together with the software used to render markup.

Date deposited includes (i) publications retrieved from PMC-OA API, i.e., full text in JATS/XML, (ii) ontology terms recognized in the abstracts and obtained from the NCBO Annotator, i.e., semantic annotations, and (iii) the same annotations following the PubAnnotation format.

Software deposited includes (i) biotea-bioschemas-metadata which parses JATS/XML files and creates Bioschemas markup including metadata, abstract and references, (ii) biotea-bioschemas-annotations which parses PubAnnotation annotations and creates Bioschemas markup, and (iii) biotea-bioschemas-showcase which uses the other two in order to display markup in a graphical basic way and render it as a script element in the HTML following the JSON-LD format. The corresonding GitHub repositories are: (i), (ii), and (iii)

Biotea-2-bioschemas can be seen in action at

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