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sjPlot - Data Visualization for Statistics in Social Science.

Daniel Lüdecke


  • Revised some help-files and vignettes.

Removed / Defunct

Following functions are now defunct:

  • sjt.lm(), sjt.glm(), sjt.lmer() and sjt.glmer(). Please use tab_model() instead.

Changes to functions

  • tab_model() supports printing simplex parameters of monotonic effects of brms models.
  • tab_model() gets a prefix.labels-argument to add a prefix to the labels of categorical terms.
  • The rotation-argument in sjt.pca() and sjp.pca() now supports all rotations from psych::principal().

Bug fixes

  • plot_model() no longer automatically changes the plot-type to "slope" for models with only one predictor that is categorical and has more than two levels.
  • type = "eff" and type = "pred" in plot_model() did not work when terms was not specified.
  • If robust standard errors are requested in tab_model(), the confidence intervals and p-values are now re-calculated and adjusted based on the robust standard errors.
  • colors = "bw" was not recognized correctly for plot_model(..., type = "int").
  • Fix issue in sjp.frq() with correct axis labels for non-labelled character vectors.
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