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FIGURE 3 in Towards completion of the early Eocene aviary: A new bird group from the Messel oil shale (Aves, Eopachypterygidae, fam. nov.)

Mayr, Gerald

FIGURE 3. Eopachypteryx praeterita, gen. et sp. nov. from the early Eocene of Messel, coracoid (A–E) and humerus (L–P). A, B, Left coracoid of the holotype, SMF-ME 825 (dorsal view); in the right image the bone is digitally enhanced. C, Right coracoid of the holotype (dorsal view). D, Left coracoid of SMF-ME 2426 (ventral view). E, Right coracoid of SMF-ME 11033B (dorsal view). F, Left coracoid of Vanellus vanellus (Charadriidae) in dorsomedial view. G, Left coracoid of Pterocles namaqua (Pteroclidae) in dorsal view. H, Left humerus of Coracias cyanogaster (Coraciiformes) in cranial view. I, Humerus (cranial view) of P. namaqua (bone from right side, mirrored). J, Humerus (cranial view) of Pharomachrus mocinno (Trogoniformes; bone from right side, mirrored). K, Humerus (cranial view) of Steatornis caripensis (Steatornithiformes; bone from right side, mirrored). L, Left humerus of SMF-ME 11033A (cranial view; the arrow indicates a fracture of the bone). M, Right humerus of SMF-ME 11033A (cranial view). N, Left humerus of SMF-ME 2426 (cranial view). O, Right humerus of SMF-ME 2426 (caudal view). P, Right humerus of SMF-ME 2426 (cranial view). Abbreviations: acr, acromion of scapula; cdd, condylus dorsalis; csc, cotyla scapularis; dep, depression on condylus ventralis; exo, extremitas omalis of furcula; fac, facies articularis clavicularis; fpt, fossa pneumotricipitalis; ppc, processus procoracoideus; tbd, tuberculum dorsale. Fossil specimens coated with ammonium chloride. Scale bars equal 5 mm.

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