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Software Open Access

cosanlab/nltools: 0.3.11

Luke Chang; Eshin Jolly; Jin Hyun Cheong; Anton Burnashev; Andy Chen

New Functionality

  • Can now perform multi-region and/or searchlight based prediction using Brain_Data.predict_multi
  • Brain_Data.predict now support multi-class classification
  • New interactive plotting based on nilearn using Brain_Data.iplot()
  • plotting functions have been renamed to remove camel case (e.g. plotBrain -> plot_brain)
  • Brain_Data.plot now integrates old plotting functions in method call using argument view. Still defaults to axial slices but can optionally display, glass, mni (for ortho slices) or both
  • new distance_correlation, procrustes_distance, jackknife_permutation functions in nltools.stats
  • expand_mask, collapse_mask, create_sphere can now take custom masks
  • Brain_Data.standarize gains new axis argument

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue in boolean indexing with ROC forced choice computation
  • Fixed edge case bug in fdr
  • holm_bonf behaves like fdr now and fixes incorrect pvalue bug
  • check_numpy_square_matrix validates properly now
  • fixed issue in failed arma regression if statsmodels was not installed
  • fixed issue in failed interactive plotting if ipywidgets was not installed
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