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ISBE Business Plan for construction phase and framework procedures

Pugh, Adrian; Pastori, Gabriela; Calbo, Joaquim; Fitzmaurice, WIlliam; Kitney, Richard; Skene, Barbara; Krueger, Angela; Mauer-Oberthuer, Angela; Mone, Martijn; Regierer, Babette; Stanford, Natalie; Van Driel, Roel; Van Nieuwpoort, Frans

A vital tool in proceeding with negotiations with potential member states in establishing ISBE is the publication of a business plan. This document enables the project to detail the outcome of its considerations in the preparatory phase in identifying a governance and legal structure for its legal phase together with a planned timetable for its realisation.

ISBE therefore intended that at the end of the preparatory phase it would publish the business plan that would include a summary of progress across all Work packages, and outline its intention to develop ISBE from that point. Therefore this activity assigned to WP11, required commitment from many partners across all work packages to ensure timely delivery and necessary content.

A key element of this document was to state plans to develop ISBE during interim phase in the 2-3 years immediately following the end of the preparatory phase. It was clear that, as with other ESFRI’s this time would be required to conclude legal discussions and negotiations of the required agreements, and assess and conclude agreements with institutions forming components of ISBE.

In July 2014 project partners decided to also develop an “ISBE business case” in advance of the end of preparatory phase to explain publically the proposed plans. This document provided early public sight of the structure, functions and funding model for the infrastructure. The business case was published on the ISBE website in November 2014. This was in large part to set out the conditions for achieving maturity that could serve as a basis for negotiations with stakeholders (scientific, industrial and governmental), in order to facilitate implementation during 2015.

Following this, and in keeping with best project management practice, ISBE saw the need to maintain its business case as a living document, to be updated and revised as the project continued its development. Therefore the document was updated as the ISBE business plan in July 2015. This document also encompasses developments during the crucial final six months of the preparatory phase. Significantly, the business plan further expands on the commencement of operations of ISBE during the interim phase, under the collective term “ISBE-light”.

ISBE-light is the suite of resources, services and activities intended to be delivered during the interim phase. This draws together transnational activities on data standards under FAIRDOM, with support for H2020 CORBEL and RItrain, and with orientation of nationally focused activities.

Through the early establishment of operations the business plan demonstrates how ISBE-light is already working with the other BMS ESFRIs to begin provision of high quality of resources and services that avoid replication, duplication of functions, and continuity of provision to relevant European national research users.

The ISBE “Business Plan” was finalised for publication end of July 2015 following approval by the steering committee. The near final version to be published on 31 July is contained within this report.


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