Dataset Open Access

Library of simulated root images, with different noise levels

Lobet, Guillaume; Koevoets, Iko; Noll, Manuel; Tocquin, Pierre; Meyer, Patrick E; Pagès, Loic; Périlleux, Claire

This depository contains the images and associated RSML files used in the paper entitled "Using a structural root system model to evaluate and improve the accuracy of root image analysis pipelines" from the same authors.


It contains: 

- 30.000 simulated root images of 10.000 different root systems, with different noise levels (0=null, 1=medium, 3=high);

- 10.000 corresponding RSML files;

- .csv files containing the ground-truth data for each modelled root system (500-data.csv);

- .csv files containing the image descriptors extracted using RIA-J (500-descriptors.csv);


The codes used to generate and analyse this dataset is available here:

Note about the metrics computed from the RSML files (contained in 500-data.csv): the root systems were simulated in a constrained 2D space (rhizotron-like). Therefore, the RSML_reader plugin computed the lengths of the different roots in 2D only (despite the fact that a Z coordinate is present in the the RSML files). 

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