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PsPM-DoxMem1: SCR, ECG and respiration measurements in an RCT using doxycycline/placebo during delay fear conditioning and retention.

Bach,Dominik R.; Tzovara, Athina; Vunder, Johanna

Data curator(s)
Gerster, Samuel

This dataset includes skin conductance response (SCR), electrocardiogram (ECG), respiration and electromyogramm (EMG, only relevant for retention phase) measurements. Also included are CS and US information, keypress responses and keypress response times for 78 healthy participants (40 males and 38 females aged 23.3+/-3.6 years) under either doxycycline or placebo during a classical (Pavlovian) discriminant delay fear conditioning task. CS were a red and a blue screen. US consisted of 0.5 s square electric pulses with participant-specific duration and 500 Hz frequency. SOA between the CS onset and US was 3.5 s. CS and US co-terminated. Before the fear conditioning task, participants completed an N-back task and several questionnaires. During the retention/extinction phase one week after learning and without drug, an auditory startle probe (ST) and no US was delivered 3.5 s after CS onset via headphones (100 dB, 50 ms duration with 2ms on- and offset ramp). In an immediately following re-learning phase, the ST was omitted and the CS reinforced with the same schedule as during acquisition. The ITI was randomly determined on each trial to be 7, 9, or 11 s.

Data are stored as .mat files for use with MATLAB (The MathWorks Inc., Natick, USA) in a format readable by the PsPM toolbox ( All Matlab files are saved in MATLAB 9.2 (R2017a) format.
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