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ahkab: Ahkab v 0.17

Giuseppe Venturini; Ian Daniher; endolith; Shahar Or

Changelog for v 0.17

Version 0.17 represents the culmination of 15 days of efforts, yet another step in the current time-based release scheme.

This release features a new memoization system, AM and FM time functions, improved docs and error messages. We also got rid of the last instances of np.mat in the code.

Moreover, as in the previous releases, many commits were devoted to improving the documentation: you can find the new, improved documentation online at

Features added:
  • Implement a memoization system.
  • Replace mytime_function.value() with mytime_function(time).
  • Add AM to the time functions.
  • Add the SFFM time function.
  • find_vde_index() now allows for elem and part_id args.
  • remove_elem() now allows elem and part_id args.
Backwards incompatible changes:
  • the time functions have been moved to their own module, named This means code referring to the sin, pulse and exp functions needs to change from devices.sin to time_functions.sin.
  • You now need to call set_results() to set pss_solution data.

I apologize for the above. Thankfully it is easy enough to fix with one find and replace.

Changes from contributors and pull requests merged:


Bugs fixed, short list:

BUGFIX: plotting: remember to set the active figure. BUGFIX: fix a bug in circuit.remove_elem(), add tests. BUGFIX: fix a bug in circuit.find_vde(), add tests. BUGFIX: fix error message in BUGFIX: Do not ask for prediction if we don't have enough points.

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