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Lynx D2.2 Intermediate report on Lynx acquired vocabularies

Kernerman, Ilan; Martín Chozas, Patricia; Lagzdiņš, Andis

This deliverable constitutes an intermediary report on the vocabulary resources generating the Lynx project. These cover both general language and legal terminology, including resources that already exist and others to be added. It is part of Working Package 2, which is concerned with the acquisition and management of linguistic data for Lynx and includes the collection of existing data and extraction of new data from legal domain corpora, and their conversion into linked data formats. Both types of legal and general vocabularies will play a vital role in the Legal Knowledge Graph that is at the heart of Lynx, to enable and facilitate its monolingual and crosslingual services.

The existing vocabularies ensue mainly from two Lynx partners (TILDE and KD) along with some open access terminological resources in particular, and are complemented by resources specifically created to meet use case needs. Additional resources will also be obtained via linked data methods. This process has met with considerable success so far, as shown by the substantial number and high quality of vocabularies reported upon in this document. In view of these achievements, now it is proposed to add a fifth language to the four major European languages included in the original plan of Lynx (namely Dutch, in addition to English, French, German and Italian). The aim is to further reinforce, enhance and improve the legal knowledge services provided by Lynx, and align more closely with its three use case partners. The Lynx partners would thus be able to offer and assure even higher standards for its linguistic infrastructure regarding both general language and legal terminology.

The report is supplemented by three appendices (1) containing a table of all the datasets harvested in Lynx Data Portal and describing the current legal-domain resources that have been converted to RDF, (2) listing the existing domain independent vocabularies of KD, and (3) providing data samples of KD resources in different formats.

This document will be superseded in M24 (November 2019) by the Final Report on Lynx Acquired Vocabularies (D2.5).

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