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Belmont Forum Open Data Survey 2014

Schmidt, Birgit ; Gemeinholzer, Birgit; Treloar, Andrew; Hodge, Jonathan; Santanchè, André; Oakley, Kim

Belmont Forum Open Data Survey, September -- November 2014, by the Open Data working group of the E-Infrastructure and Data Management Collaborative Research Action (

For the publication of the survey data free text answers have either be lightly edited (question 4, other), or are provided in separate files (questions 8, 15, 16, 17). 

Publication of the results is under preparation (manuscript submitted). 

Files (1.4 MB)
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Belmont_Forum_Open_Data_Survey_2014_Questionnaire.pdf md5:a1bdbb562d5aba3798fb43749eb6af22 90.5 kB Download
Belmont_Forum_Open_Data_Survey_Results_minus_IP_minus_freetext_15112014.csv md5:044216aeb0a0c0ade35ea8ed51abb94d 1.2 MB Download
data_publishing_q16.csv md5:017943c2812925a9552959f442fb9ef4 21.2 kB Download
detailsguidelines_q7.csv md5:6e18976d9c8ef906ead34abc30e201b8 12.9 kB Download
open_data_discovery_q15.csv md5:10b67d6ebea2b7bca9fcc113aef6fbb9 36.0 kB Download
open_data_leadexamples_q17.csv md5:c9c20f4020ad39ef93d9c4f71002abd2 10.9 kB Download
README.txt md5:7c1a321969b17adf8a69eaf50626d994 10.4 kB Download


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