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The Debsources Dataset

Stefano Zacchiroli

The Debsources Dataset is a dump of the database that underpins the most notable instance of the Debsources platform, currently running at

Debsources is a platform that provides access on the Web to the source code of the Debian operating system. Debsources allows to browse through Debian source packages and render contained source code files on the Web. Debsources indexes all Debian source code and permits to search through it via various means (defined symbols, checksums, regular expressions, etc). A notable live instance of Debsources is available at, providing access to both current and historical Debian releases dating back to 1998.

The Debsources Dataset contains both Debian metadata (e.g., which software packages are available in which release, which source code file belong to which package, release dates, etc.) and source code information obtained by running popular indexing and measurement tools on Debian source packages. In particular, the source code of all available packages has been subject to:

  • SHA256 checksum computation on each source file
  • ctags indexing
  • sloccount measurement
  • disk usage measurement

For more information see the README file.

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