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Binaural room impulse responses recorded with KEMAR in a small meeting room

Wierstorf, Hagen; Geier, Matthias

The binaural room impulse responses (BRIRs) were measured in the small meeting room Spirit at the
Telefunken-building of TU Berlin. They were measured for three different loudspeaker positions placed around a table. The head of the dummy head was rotated with a resolution of 1° ranging from -90° to 90°. The measurement equipment was the same as described in Wierstorf et al. [1]

[1] Wierstorf, H., Geier, M., Raake, A., Spors, S. (2011) “A Free Database of Head-Related Impulse Response Measurements in the Horizontal Plane with Multiple Distances,” 130th AES Convention, eBrief 6

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