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PredictiveEcology/SpaDES: v1.3.0

Eliot McIntire; Alex Chubaty; Yong Luo; Sarah Bauduin; Steve Cumming; ygc2l

Known issues:

version 1.3.0
  • stricter package version dependencies in Imports and Suggests
  • debug argument in spades() can now take any expression, character strings. TRUE/FALSE changed behavior to show only current event.
  • timeunits: when there are parent and grandparent modules, if timeunit is defined, it overrides the "smallest unit" rule. Thus, a parent module can force a timeunit.
  • Plot - enhancements and fixes:

    • more robust base plotting and many visual tests on Windows;
    • re-add col arg to Plot (mimicks cols). Was lost from version 1.1.2;
    • allow any arbitrary function to be used internally to Plot (e.g., barplot, plot, etc.);
    • add arr argument to Plot(), allowing passing of arrangement;
    • allow title arg in Plot() to accept character for plot title;
    • Plot can use character passed to title as a title;
    • some additional functionality for plotting of factor rasters, incl. clickValues, legends correct for wide variety of types;
    • change new arg in Plot(). Now it does one plot at a time, not whole device. Use clearPlot() to wipe whole device.
  • Add modulesGraph, showing parent and child module relationships.
  • Add filesOnly arg to shine(). This can be in preparation for publishing to or other pages. Currently still alpha.
  • Add POM: Pattern Oriented Modeling (#269). A simple interface to a simList object, allowing fitting parameters to data.
  • add .inputObjects functionality -- function that runs during simInit() to create default inputObjects
  • add P as a namespaced shortcut for params: P(sim) would replace params(sim)$moduleName when called from within that module
  • allow params(sim) & start(sim) & others in defineModule() by changing parse order in module metadata
  • add explicit cl arg to parallel aware functions, for more control
  • newModule gains new arguments type = c("child", "parent") and children = c(). See ?newModule (#300).
  • module structure now includes an R subfolder for R scripts. These will be parsed during simInit.
  • checksums updated to use faster hashing algorithm (xxhash64) and now only requires a single hash value per file (#295)
  • new Rstudio addin for 'newModule' (#298); requires Import of shiny (>= 0.13), miniUI (>= 0.1.1), and rstudioapi (>= 0.5)
  • fixed bugs in module template
  • fixed bug in cir (#288, #311)
  • improved use of package options; added new option spades.modulesPath.
  • improved downloadModule to use option spades.modulesPath (#309)
  • improved specification of module inputs and outputs (#189, #214, PR#310)
  • remove module version warning (#312)
  • other tweaks and fixes

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