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DCO-Modelling-of-Deep-Time-Atmospheric-Carbon-Flux-from-Subduction-Zone-Interactions: Plate Models & Minor Edits

Sebastiano Doss; Sabin Zahirovic; Dietmar Müller; Jodie Pall

EarthByte DCO-commissioned project, Spatio-temporal modelling of deep time atmospheric carbon flux from subduction zone interactions, specifically addresses this goal by using plate reconstructions and cutting-edge, open-source community frameworks to communicate mantle-curst-atmosphere interactions in the deep carbon cycle. For more information visit the EarthByte blog:

For any issues or bugs found in the workflow, please submit an 'issue' at the git repository website:

This release includes the Mattews and Müller plate model:

Matthews, K.J., Maloney, K.T., Zahirovic, S., Williams, S.E., Seton, M. and Müller, R.D., In Review. Global plate boundary evolution and kinematics since the late Paleozoic. Global and Planetary Change

Müller, R.D., Seton, M., Zahirovic, S., Williams, S.E., Matthews, K.J., Wright, N.M., Shephard, G.E., Maloney, K.T., Barnett-Moore, N., Hosseinpour, M., Bower, D.J., Cannon, J., 2016. Ocean basin evolution and global-scale plate reorganization events since Pangea breakup, Annual Reviews of Earth and Planetary Sciences, 44(1).

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