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Optimal Energy Storage Sizing in Photovoltaic and Wind Hybrid Power System Meeting Demand-Side Management Program in Viet Nam

Nguyen Minh Cuong; Thai Quang Vinh; Le Tien Phong; Vu Phuong Lan

This paper proposes a new method to determine optimal energy storage sizing in photovoltaic and wind hybrid power generation systems. These generations are placed in a scheme of three blocks to forecast, measure, dispatch/control and distribute power flows in whole system to meet requirements of the demand-side management program in Viet Nam. Data about electric load power, power of solar irradiance, ambient temperature, wind speed and other weather conditions must be forecasted in a high accuracy. An algorithm to determine the optimal sizing is designed basing on forecasting data, constraints, the relation of quantities in whole system and the capability to charge/discharge energy of energy storage. The optimal sizing in this research helps to rearrange load diagrams that compensates deficient energy completely in stages having high and medium price levels. It can be applied at each bus to reduce cost for buying electricity from electric power system. The new proposal is illustrated by simulation results in a case study carried out by MATLAB 2017a.
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