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A spatial data base on sustainable biomass cost-supply of lignocellulosic biomass in Europe - methods & data sources. S2BIOM Project Report 1.6.

Dees, M; Elbersen, B; Fitzgerald, J; Vis, M; Anttila, P; Forsell, N; Ramirez-Almeyda, J.; García Galindo, D.; Glavonjic, B.; Staritsky, I.; Verkerk, H.; Prinz, R.; Monti, A.; Leduc, S.; Höhl, M.; Datta, P.; Schrijver, R.; Zudin, S.; Lindner, M.; Lesschen, J.; Diepen, K.

This report accompanies the data base on cost supply potentials. The data base comprises both the sustainable supply and cost of solid lignocellulosic biomass from forestry, dedicated energy cropping, agricultural residues, and secondary residues from wood and food industry as well as from waste. Supply and cost data are provided on NUTS 3 level per single category and expressed in tonnes (dry matter or as received as specified in this report for the specific categories). In case of wood from forests and of secondary forest residues data are also supplied in cubic metres. To each category the cost at road side respectively at gate is determined in order to enable the assessment of economic potentials using the cost-supply method.

Data are provided for 2012, 2020 and 2030. They are provided for several ‘potentials’ including: a technical potential; a base potential considering currently applied sustainability practises; and further potential levels that are determined considering changing sustainability restrictions, mobilisation measures and different constraints to account for competing use.

This report documents the methods that have been applied to determine cost and supply per resource category. It includes a description of relevant projects, data sources and tools necessary to determine the cost-supply data.

It is structured in an introduction and chapters by major origin both for methods used to determine supply and the roadside cost.

The results are presented in the form of national level tables and in NUTS3 based maps in the report D1.8 “Atlas with regional cost supply biomass potentials”.  They are also made publicly available via the S2BIOM online tool that allows customised analysis and download.

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