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sjstats: Statistical Functions for Regression Models.

Daniel Lüdecke

New functions

  • wtd_chisqtest() to compute a weighted Chi-squared test.
  • wtd_median() to compute the weighted median of variables.
  • wtd_cor() to compute weighted correlation coefficients of variables.

Changes to functions

  • mediation() can now cope with models from different families, e.g. if the moderator or outcome is binary, while the treatment-effect is continuous.
  • model_frame(), link_inverse(), pred_vars(), resp_var(), resp_val(), r2() and model_family() now support clm2-objects from package ordinal.
  • anova_stats() gives a more informative message for non-supported models or ANOVA-options.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue with model_family() and link_inverse() for models fitted with pscl::hurdle() or pscl::zeroinfl().
  • Fixed issue with wrong title in grpmean() for grouped data frames, when grouping variable was an unlabelled factor.
  • Fix issue with model_frame() for coxph-models with polynomial or spline-terms.
  • Fix issue with mediation() for logical variables.
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