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High-rate GNSS displacement waveforms for large earthquakes version 2.0

Melgar, Diego; Ruhl, Christine

This dataset accompanies A Global Database of Strong Motion Displacement GNSS Recordings and an Example Application to PGD Scaling published in Seismological Research Letters by Ruhl et al. (2018). The data is structured as follows:

Once expanded the data within the archive are structured as follows: Inside the archive there is one folder per event clearly labeled with the event names in Table 1 from the main text. Inside each event folder is a text file (EVENT_disp.chan) with station metadata (station codes, coordinates, and gain values), importantly because the waveforms are provided as mini-SEED files with integer values the gain must be applied to convert to physical displacement units. There is a “disp” folder which contains files named using the convention STA.LXE.mseed, STA.LXN.mseed and STA.LXZ.mseed where “STA” is the station code and LXE, LXN, and LXZ are east, north, and up waveforms, respectively. The sampling rate for each waveform is indicated inside the miniSEED header of each waveform as well as in the corresponding metadata channel file. The data are provided in UTC time with leap seconds fully corrected for so no further processing is necessary. There is also a "_plots" folder with a plot of the three-component record section for each event.

This dataset supersedes version 1.0 and contains only the data with SNR>3 and displacement larger than 4cm. The previous version contained all data including stations that had recorded only noise.
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