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Dataset of E. huxleyi blooms: spatio-temporal distribution and their impact on high-latitudinal marine environments (1998-2016)

Kondrik, Dmitry; Kazakov, Eduard; Pozdnyakov, Dmitry

Bobylev, Leonid; Chepikova, Svetlana

Dataset of coccolithophore blooms in polar seas of the Northern Hemisphere, viz. the North, Labrador (with adjacent North Atlantic open waters), Norwegian, Barents, Greenland and Bering seas are presented for the period 1998-2016. Seas are divided into 4 regions, for each of them continuous data series (as 8-days composites) are published, including information about bloom spatial masks, coccolith concentration, particulate inorganic carbon content and CO2 partial pressure in water increment driven by coccolithophores.

Datasets are published as NetCDF files with full metadata/descriptions and with GDAL support.

Additional information (regions configuration, data access instructions) is provided alongside the data.

Naming convention is: niersc_cocco_<version of dataset>_<region>_<start date>_<end date>.nc

A detailed description of data obtaining methodologies and other details are planned to be published soon in one of the international peer-reviewed journals focused on Earth Science datasets. We express our particular gratitude for the financial support of this study provided by the Russian Science Foundation (RSF) under the project 17-17-01117.
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  • Dmitry Kondrik, Dmitry Pozdnyakov & Lasse Pettersson (2017) Particulate inorganic carbon production within E. huxleyi blooms in subpolar and polar seas: a satellite time series study (1998–2013), International Journal of Remote Sensing, 38:22, 6179-6205, DOI: 10.1080/01431161.2017.1350304
  • Kondrik, D. V., Pozdnyakov, D. V., & Johannessen, O. M. (2018). Satellite evidence that E. huxleyi phytoplankton blooms weaken marine carbon sinks. Geophysical Research Letters, 45, 846–854.
  • Kondrik, D., Pozdnyakov, D. & Pettersson, L. Izv. Atmos. Ocean. Phys. (2017) 53: 955.
  • Pozdnyakov, D. V., Pettersson, L. H., & Korosov, A. A. (2017). Exploring the Marine Ecology from Space: Experience from Russian-Norwegian Cooperation. Springer.
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