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has2k1/plotnine: v0.4.0

Hassan Kibirige; Greg Lamp; Jan Katins; Austin O.; gdowding; Tyler Funnell; matthias-k; Jonas Arnfred; Dan Blanchard; Eric Chiang; Sergey Astanin; Paul Natsuo Kishimoto; Evan Sheehan; Robert Gibboni; Bernard Willers; stonebig; Pavel; Yaroslav Halchenko; smutch; zachcp; John Collins; Min RK; Hadley Wickham; guoci; Duncan Brian; Div Arora; Dan Brown; Dan Becker; Bevan Koopman; Anthony

This is a big release with many improvements and bug-fixes.

See the official changelog for details.

Copy of the changelog

API Changes

  • Calculated aesthetics are accessed using the stat() function. The old method (double dots still works.
  • stat_qq calculates slightly different points for the theoretical quantiles.
  • The scales (when set to free, free_x or free_y') parameter of facet_grid and facet_wrap assigns the same scale across the rows and columns.

New Features

  • Added geom_qq_line and stat_qq_line, for lines through Q-Q plots.
  • Added geom_density_2d and geom_stat_2d.
  • Added stat_ellipse.
  • Added geom_map.
  • Plotnine learned to respect plydata groups.
  • Added stat_hull.
  • Added save_as_pdf_pages().

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where colorbars may chop off the colors at the limits of a scale.
  • Fixed issue with creating fixed mappings to datetime and timedelta type values.(GH88)
  • Fixed scale_x_datetime and scale_y_datetime to handle the intercepts along the axes (GH97).
  • Fixed stat_bin and stat_bin_2d to properly handle the breaks parameter when used with a transforming scale.
  • Fixed issue with x and y scales where the name of the scale was ignored when determining the axis titles. Now, the name parameter is specified, it is used as the title. (GH105)
  • Fixed bug in discrete scales where a column could not be mapped to integer values. (GH108)
  • Make it possible to hide the legend with theme(legend_position='none'). (GH119)
  • Fixed issue in stat_summary_bin where some input values gave an error. (GH123)
  • Fixed geom_ribbon to sort data before plotting. (GH127)
  • Fixed IndexError in facet_grid when row/column variable has 1 unique value. (GH129)
  • Fixed facet_grid when scale='free', scale='free_x' or scale='free_y', the panels share axes along the row or column.
  • Fixed geom_boxplot so that user can create a boxplot by specifying all required aesthetics. (GH136)
  • Fixed geom_violin to work when some groups are empty. (GH131)
  • Fixed continuous scales to accept minor=None (GH120)
  • Fixed bug for discrete position scales, where drop=False did not drop unused categories (GH139)
  • Fixed bug in stat_ydensity that caused an exception when a panel had no data. (GH147)
  • Fixed bug in coord_trans where coordinate transformation and facetting could fail with a KeyError. (GH151)
  • Fixed bug that lead to a TypeError when aesthetic mappings to could be recognised as being groupable. It was easy to stumble on this bug when using geom_density. (GH165)
  • Fixed bug in facet_wrap where some combination of parameters lead to unexpected panel arrangements. (GH163)
  • Fixed bug where the legend text of colorbars could not be themed. (GH171)

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