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Data Quality Concept for e-Government Web-Map Based Services

Noskov, Alexey; Zipf, Alexander; Rousell, Adam

WeGovNow (WGN) is a platform combining a number of e-Government web-map based services. The platform is designed to increase citizens’ involvement into government of urban areas and collaborative decision making processes. Data quality is one of the most important factors for success of e-Government solutions. A data quality concept for the WGN platform was developed. In the frame of the platform, ground-truth reference datasets are not available. Thus, data quality is assessed intrinsically and comparably. OpenStreetMap (OSM) is a base map for all WGN components; Open Data spatial layers are provided by municipalities. OSM data quality is assessed for tiles; quality of Open Data provided by municipalities is evaluated in comparison to OSM data with defined quality. Additionally, OSM and Open Data with defined quality are utilized to improve users’ input. Currently, the following tools for users’ input improvement are available: auto completing, spell checking, auto snapping, and object picking.

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