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FAIRMetrics/Metrics: FAIR Metrics, Evaluation results, and initial release of automated evaluator code

Mark Wilkinson; Erik Schultes; Luiz Olavo Bonino; Susanna-Assunta Sansone; Peter Doorn; Michel Dumontier

This release is to parallel the formal publication of the FAIR Metrics rubric and exemplar Metrics set (https://www.nature.com/articles/sdata2018118). It contains the latest updates to the Metrics, based on responses to the Issues raised in GitHub. It contains the results of the evaluation study. It also contains the strawman version of the Metrics Evaluator code (for access to the Evaluator interface, contact any of the authors)

We thank all colleagues with whom we discussed the creation and application of the FAIR Metrics; S.-A.S. wants to thank especially Myles Axton, Jennifer Boyd, Helena Cousijn, Scott Edmunds, Emma Ganley, Rebecca Lawrence, Thomas Lemberger, Robert Kiley, Michael Markie and Jonathan Tedds for their perspective on the metrics as journal editors and publishers, and their contribution to FAIRsharing. We thank the NBDC/DBCLS BioHackathon series where many of these metrics were designed, and the FAIRsharing team. We also acknowledge the effort made by the reviewer-testers of the Metrics: Julian Gautier (Dataverse Network, Harvard), Derek Murphy (Harvard), Annika Jacobsen (LUMC, Leiden University), Rajaram Kaliyaperumal (LUMC, Leiden University), Mateusz Kuzak (Dutch Techcenter for Life Sciences), Carlos Martinez-Orti (Netherlnads eScience Center), Katherine Thorton (Yale), Kenneth Seals-Nutt (Yale), Eric Weitz (Broad Institute), Timothy Tickle (Broad Institute), Jonathan Bistline (Broad Institute), Peter Thijsse (MARIS BV), Andra Waagmeester (Micelio). The authors received no specific funding for this work, but they want to acknowledge funds supporting them and their research activities. M.D.W. is supported, in part, by the Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad, Spain (TIN2014-55993-R), and the Dutch Techcenter for Life Sciences. S.-A.S. is funded by grants from the UK BBSRC and Research Councils (BB/L024101/1, BB/L005069/1), EU (H2020-EU.3.1, 634107, H2020-EU., 654241, H2020-EU., 676559), IMI (116060), and NIH (U54 AI117925, 1U24AI117966-01, 1OT3OD025459-01, 1OT3OD025467-01,1OT3OD025462-01), which in part also contribute to the FAIRsharing resource. M.D. is funded through several NIH grants (1OT3OD025467-01, 1OT3HL142479-01, 1OT3TR002027, 5U01HG008473-03) with an emphasis on data sharing. This work is partly supported by CNPq (407235/2017-5) and CAPES (23038.028816/2016-41), FAIRdICT and LSH-Health Holland. All authors contributed to the creation of the FAIR Metrics, and the production of this commentary article.
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  • 10.1038/sdata.2018.118

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