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VACUMM/vacumm: 3.3.0

Stephane Raynaud; plouf40; Jonathan; Matthieu Caillaud; garnier valerie; jfleroux

  • Added cmap_lum, cma_sat and cmap_pastel keyword to plots
  • Added saturate, desaturate, change_luminosity, change_saturation, pastelise
  • Added cdtime validator to ConfigManager
  • Added isempty to StatAccum
  • Added interp_clim
  • Added cylic mode support for extend1d
  • Added support of intervals to get_xy
  • Added espg support to cached_map
  • Added x/ymargin support to minimap
  • Added squarebox
  • Added SimpleCloudKriger
  • Added cellwidth support to bounds1d and meshcells
  • Added dict support to scalebox
  • Added cmocean colormaps support
  • Added add_lightshading to plot
  • Added fortran linear4dto1d
  • Fixed xmlconfig attribute type checking
  • Added zenodo DOI
  • Renamed import of time_selector to filter_time_selector
  • Fixed ncget_grid
  • Fixed axis for 1d regridding of 1d arrays
  • Fixed 360 wrap test in grid2xy
  • Fixed tsel2slice
  • Fixed template cloning in StatAccum
  • Fixed dump/load of StatAccum
  • Fixed resol_mask

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