Dataset Open Access

Computer Scientists on Twitter

Hadgu, Asmelash Teka; Jäschke, Robert

This dataset contains the data used in the paper
Identifying and Analyzing Researchers on Twitter (
At the moment, this includes computer scientists, though an extension to other disciplines is planned.

The data can be cited as follows:
Asmelash Teka Hadgu and Robert Jäschke. 2014. Identifying and
Analyzing Researchers on Twitter. In Proceedings of the 6th Annual ACM
Web Science Conference (WebSci '14). 23-30. ACM, New York, NY, USA. DOI: 10.1145/2615569.2615676

Files (9.6 MB)
Name Size
candidates.tsv md5:4db8ea981ac99d251a1cf0e76a76692a 1.3 MB Download
candidates_classified.tsv md5:bcbee0ade4f9f2b5d03a4f3e7b51845b 1.5 MB Download
candidates_matched.tsv md5:9c5f1d488a37a0faf772342ec4a2d992 724.5 kB Download
candidates_verified.tsv md5:39b954abcec1993fdb78d515a8809cba 12.6 kB Download
feature_scientific_hashtags.tsv md5:98735588544359d2ecc87d62d63d76a3 17.0 kB Download
feature_scientific_terms_bio.tsv md5:3e0e87743a05581f05908356e4346097 255 Bytes Download
feature_stopword_hashtags.tsv md5:76476981f96b16306152fb436692a5d7 1.9 kB Download
feature_stopwords_bio.tsv md5:2a7f96e41b2bda33aba851ecb3c49706 10.7 kB Download
features.tsv md5:d44954504f4fe1db72cfa7c4f32724f8 5.9 MB Download
negative_examples.tsv md5:63c54231b996681b1637941b28760bd3 55.9 kB Download
seeds.tsv md5:1bdbb579c11fc9c33dc7f34674426dc3 10.8 kB Download


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