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sjstats: Statistical Functions for Regression Models

Daniel Lüdecke

sjstats 0.15.0 General

  • Added new Vignette Statistics for Bayesian Models.

New functions

  • equi_test() to test if parameter values in Bayesian estimation should be accepted or rejected.
  • mediation() to print a summary of a mediation analysis from multivariate response models fitted with brms.

Changes to functions

  • link_inverse() now also returns the link-inverse function for cumulative-family brms-models.
  • model_family() now also returns an is_ordinal-element with information if the model is ordinal resp. a cumulative link model.
  • Functions that access model information (like model_family()) now better support vglm-models (package VGAM).
  • r2() now also calculates the standard error for brms or stanreg models.
  • r2() gets a loo-argument to calculate LOO-adjusted rsquared values for brms or stanreg models. This measure comes conceptionally closer to an adjusted r-squared measure.
  • Effect sizes (anova_stats(), eta_sq() etc.) are now also computed for mixed models.
  • To avoid confusion, n_eff() now computes the number of effective samples, and no longer its ratio in relation to the total number of samples.
  • The column name for the ratio of the number of effective samples in tidy_stan() is now named neff_ratio, to avoid confusion.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue in se() for icc()-objects, where random effect term could not be found.
  • Fixed issue in se() for merMod-objects.
  • Fixed issue in p_value() for mixed models with KR-approximation, which is now more accurate.
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