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iPRES 2016 - Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Digital Preservation: iPRES 2016 – Swiss National Library, Bern

Signori, Barbara; Knight, Steve; Milic-Frayling, Natasa

Full iPRES2016 proceedings document, also available at University of Vienna Phaidra Repository: https://phaidra.univie.ac.at/detail_object/o:502812

Proceedings contain:

Short Papers

  • A Decade of Preservation: System Migrations in Chronopolis (Sibyl Schaefer, Mike Smorul, David Minor, Mike Ritter)
  • Digital Preservation through Digital Sustainability (Matthias Stuermer, Gabriel Abu-Tayeh)
  • Building a Future for our Digital Memory: A National Approach to Digital Preservation in The Netherlands (Marcel Ras)
  • Status of CELLAR: Update from an IETF Working Group for Matroska and FFV1 (Ashley Blewer, Dave Rice)
  • PREMIS 3.0 Ontology: Improving Semantic Interoperability of Preservation Metadata (Angela Di Iorio, Bertrand Caron)
  • Exhibiting Digital Art via Emulation - Boot-to-Emulator with the EMiL Kiosk System (Dragan Espenschied, Oleg Stobbe, Thomas Liebetraut, Klaus Rechert)
  • Project „The Digital City Revives“: A Case Study of Web Archaeology (Tjarda de Haan)
  • Ellipse – Long-term and Permanent Protection and Accessibility of Geodata (Tobias Mérinat, Chiara Marciani, Krystyna Ohnesorge, Alain Mast)
  • Preserving Research Data: Linking Repositories and Archivematica (Jenny Mitcham, Matthew Addis, Chris Awre, Julie Allinson, Richard Green, Simon Wilson)
  • Implementing Automatic Digital Preservation for a Mass Digitization Workflow (Henrike Berthold, Andreas Romeyke, Jörg Sachse, Stefan Fritzsche, Sabine Krug)
  • Applied Interoperability in Digital Preservation: solutions from the E-ARK Project (Kuldar Aas, Janet Delve, Andrew Wilson)
  • Copyright in Cultural Heritage Institutions: Snapshot of the Situation in Switzerland from a librarian perspective (Andrea Ruth Schreiber)
  • The Ties that Bind - On the Impact of Losing a Consortium Member in a Cooperatively Operated Digital Preservation System (Michelle Lindlar)
  • A Method for Acquisition and Preservation of Email (Claus Jensen, Christen Hedegaard)
  • Processing Capstone Email Using Predictive Coding (Brent West, Joanne Kaczmarek)
  • Using RMap to Describe Distributed Works as Linked Data Graphs: Outcomes and Preservation
    Implications (Karen Hanson, Sheila Morrissey, Aaron Birkland, Tim Dilauro, Mark Donoghue)

Long Papers

  • An OAIS-oriented System for Fast Package Creation, Search, and Access (Sven Schlarb, Rainer Schmidt, Roman Karl, Mihai Bartha, Jan Rörden, Janet Delve, Kuldar Aas)
  • Securing Trustworthy Digital Repositories (Devan Ray Donaldson, Raquel Hill, Heidi Dowding, Christian Keitel)
  • Will Today’s Data Be Here Tomorrow? Measuring The Stewardship Gap (Jeremy York, Myron Gutmann, Francine Berman)
  • What Makes a Digital Steward: A Competency Profile Based On The National Digital Stewardship Residencies (Karl-Rainer Blumenthal, Peggy Griesinger, Julia Kim, Shira Peltzman, Vicky Steeves)
  • Identifying Barriers To File Rendering In Bit-level Preservation Repositories: A Preliminary Approach (Kyle Rimkus, Scott Witmer)
  • Practical Analysis of TIFF File Size Reductions Achievable Through Compression (Peter May, Kevin Davies)
  • Towards a Risk Model for Emulation-based Preservation Strategies: A Case Study from the Software-based Art Domain (Klaus Rechert, Patricia Falcao, Tom Ensom)
  • A Case Study on Emulation-based Preservation in the Museum: Flusser Hypertext (Frank Padberg, Philipp Tögel, Daniel Irrgang, Martin Häberle)
  • Precise Data Identification Services for Long Tail Research Data (Stefan Proell, Kristof Meixner, Andreas Rauber)
  • CERN Services for Long Term Data Preservation (Jamie Shiers, Frank Berghaus, German Cancio Melia, Suenje Dallmeier Tiessen, Gerado Ganis,Tibor Simko, Jakob Blomer)
  • Designing Scalable Cyberinfrastructure for Metadata Extraction in Billion-Record Archives (Gregory Jansen, Richard Marciano, Smruti Padhy, Kenton McHenry)
  • Navigating through 200 Years of Historical Newspapers (Yannick Rochat, Maud Ehrmann, Vincent Buntinx, Cyril Bornet, Frédéric Kaplan)
  • Towards a Systematic Information Governance Maturity Assessment (Diogo Proença, Ricardo Vieira, Jose Borbinha)
  • Conceptualising Optimal Digital Preservation and Effort (Sean Mosely, Jessica Moran, Peter McKinney, Jay Gattuso)
  • Mapping Significance of Video Games in OAIS (Rhiannon Bettivia)
  • Database Preservation Toolkit: A relational database conversion and normalization tool (Bruno Ferreira, Luis Faria, José Carlos Ramalho, Miguel Ferreira)
  • Exploring Friedrich Kittler’s Digital Legacy on Different Levels: Tools to Equip the Future Archivist (Heinz Werner Kramski, Jürgen Enge)
  • Persistent Web References – Best Practices and New Suggestions (Eld Zierau, Caroline Nyvang, Thomas Kromann)
  • Preserving Websites of Research & Development Projects (Daniel Bicho, Daniel Gomes)


  • A Demonstration of BitCurator Access Webtools and Disk Image Redaction Tools (Christopher Lee, Kam Woods)
  • Assigning Rights Statements to Legacy Digital Collections (Laura Capell, Elliot Williams)
  • Autonomous Preservation Tools in Minimal Effort Ingest (Asger Askov Blekinge, Thorbjørn Ravn Andersen, Bolette Ammitzbøll Jurik)
  • Born Digital 2016: Generating public interest in digital preservation (Sarah Slade)
  • Building Archival Storage Component Using New Open Standard Infrastructure (Dariusz Paradowski)
  • Caring For Live Art That Eludes Digital Preservation (Louise Curham)
  • Consortial Certification Processes – The Goportis Digital Archive. A Case Study (Yvonne Friese, Thomas Gerdes, Franziska Schwab, Thomas Bähr)
  • Digital Preservation with the Islandora Framework at Qatar National Library (Armin Straube, Arif Shaon, Mohammed Abo Ouda)
  • Establishing a generic Research Data Repository: The RADAR Service (Angelina Kraft, Matthias Razum, Jan Potthoff, Ena Brophy)
  • Establishing Digital Preservation At the University of Melbourne (Jaye Weatherburn)
  • Exit Strategies and Techniques for Cloud-based Preservation Services (Matthew Addis)
  • Geospatial Data: Conservation and Archiving Planning (Helen Gollin, Urs Gerber, Martin Schlatter)
  • HydraDAM2: Building Out Preservation at Scale in Hydra (Heidi Dowding, Michael Muraszko)
  • Project EMiL – Emulation of Multimedia Objects (Tobias Steinke, Frank Padberg, Astrid Schoger, Klaus Rechert)
  • Should We Keep Everything Forever?: Determining Long-Term Value of Research Data (Bethany Anderson, Susan Braxton, Elise Dunham, Heidi Imker, Kyle Rimkus)
  • The Status of Compliance with OAIS Reference Model in the National Diet Library Digital Collections (Tsukasa Kimezawa, Shuji Kamitsuna)
  • To Act or Not to Act – Handling File Format Identification Issues in Practice (Matthias Töwe, Franziska Geisser, Roland Suri)
  • Web Archiving Environmental Scan (Gail Truman, Andrea Goethals


  • OAIS for all of us (Marcel Ras, William Kilbride, Sabine Schrimpf, Barbara Sierman)
  • Software Sustainability and Preservation: Implications for the Long-Term Access to Digital Heritage (Euan Cochrane, Jessica Meyerson, Natasa Milic-Frayling, David Rosenthal, Zach Vowell)
  • Challenges and benefits of a collaboration of the Collaborators: How can we learn and benefit from experiences and set next steps in international collaboration (Marcel Ras, William Kilbride, Sabine Schrimpf, Joachim Jung)

Workshops & Tutorials

  • Workshop 01 What is Preservation Storage? (Andrea Goethals, Steve Knight, Jane Mandelbaum, Nancy McGovern, Gail Truman, Kate Zwaard, Sibyl Schaefer)
  • Workshop 02 Personal Digital Archiving: How Can the Cultural Heritage Community Help Individuals Curate Their Own Materials? (Maurizio Lunghi, Helen Tibbo, Christopher Lee, Natascha Schumann, Achim Osswald, Martin Iordanidis)
  • Workshop 03 Quality Standards for Preserving Digital Cultural Heritage (Claudio Prandoni, Antonella Fresa, Börje Justrell, Peter Pharow, Magnus Geber, Erwin Verbruggen)
  • Workshop 04 OSS4Pres 2.0: Building Bridges and Filling Gaps (Sam Meister, Carl Wilson, Shira Peltzman, Heidi Dowding)
  • Workshop 05 Innovative Practices in Digital Preservation, Data Life Cycle Management (DLCM): A Swiss Initiative (Pierre-Yves Burgi, Eliane Blumer, Aude Dieudé, Ana Sesartic)
  • Workshop 06 Symmetrical Web Archiving with Webrecorder (Dragan Espenschied, Ilya Kreymer)
  • Tutorial 07 Persistent Identifiers for Digital Cultural Heritage (Jonathan Clark, Maurizio Lunghi, Remco Van Veenendaal, Marcel Ras, Juha Hakala)
  • Workshop 08 Relational Database Preservation Standards and Tools (Luis Faria, Marcel Büchler, Kuldar Aas)
  • Tutorial 09 Understanding and Implementing PREMIS (Peter McKinney, Eld Zierau, Evelyn McLellan, Angela Dappert)
  • Tutorial 10: Introduction to Fedora 4 (David Wilcox, Andrew Woods)
  • Workshop 11: How can the UNESCO PERSIST Programme Bring about Digital Sustainability
    through Legacy Software Services? (Janet Delve, David Anderson, Natasa Milic-Frayling, Christopher Lee)
  • Workshop 12 Building the Business Case and Funding Advocacy for Data Management Services
    (Paul Stokes, Neil Beagrie, William Kilbride)
  • Workshop 13 Towards Smarter Persistent Identifiers (Jonathan Clark, Juha Hakala, Marcel Ras, Carol Riccalton)
  • Tutorial 14 Acquiring and Providing Access to Born-Digital Materials with the BitCurator Environment
    and BitCurator Access Webtools (Christopher Lee)
  • Workshop 15 PREMIS Implementation Fair (Peter McKinney, Eld Zierau, Evelyn McLellan, Angela Dappert)
  • Tutorial 16 Relational Database Preservation: Operational Issues and Use Cases (Kuldar Aas, Janet Delve, Krystyna Ohnesorge, Marcel Büchler, Anders Bo Nielsen, Phillip Mike Tømmerholt, Zoltan Lux)
  • Workshop 17 Sharing, Using and Re-using Format Assessments (Andrea Goethals, Kate Murray, Michael Day, Kevin L. De Vorsey, Jay Gattuso, Paul Wheatley)
  • Workshop 18 Active Data Management Planning: chances and challenges (Felix Engel, Heike Görzig, Rob Baxter, Helen Glaves, Simon Waddington, Matthias Hemmje)
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