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Setting up RAD Seq protocols for selected species

Boavida, Joana; Arnaud-Haond, Sophie

ATLAS work package 4 presentation at ATLAS 3rd General Assembly

Next-generation high throughput sequencing technologies have advanced during the last few years and now provide a highly efficient and fast DNA sequencing platform to generate large-scale data from non-model organisms, even when a reference genome is not available, such as in ecological studies. Unconventional sample material such as those from the deep-sea pose challenges regarding the extraction of high molecular weight genomic DNA needed for typical high-throughput DNA sequencing technologies. We focus on testing the applicability of a genotyping and SNP discovery protocol, Restriction-Associated DNA sequencing, to deep-sea taxa spanning four phyla and 13 putative species. We tested two restriction enzymes and a bioinformatic pipeline designed to optimize the optimal parameters for downstream analyses.

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