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mHM#OGS v1.0: the coupling interface between the mesoscale Hydrologic Model (mHM) and the groundwater model OpenGeoSys (OGS)

Jing, Miao; Heße, Falk; Kumar, Rohini; Wang, Wenqing; Fischer, Thomas; Walther, Marc; Zink, Matthias; Zech, Alraune; Samaniego, Luis; Kolditz, Olaf; Attinger, Sabine

mHM#OGS is a coupled hydrological model which couples the mesoscale Hydrological Model 5.7 (mHM5.7) and OpenGeoSys5 (OGS5). The coupled model mHM\#OGS v1.0 is developed to simulate SW/GW flow in one or more catchments by simultaneously calculating flow across the land surface and within the groundwater.

The coupling initiative aims to add additional predictive capability of groundwater heads, which is achieved by OGS, to the existing capability of predicting discharges that is achieved by mHM. mHM is used to estimate step-wise and component-wise a water budget through model calibration against discharge. In contrast, OGS serves as a post-processor to obtain groundwater heads by using mHM simulated recharge and baseflow as driving forces. Two model interfaces, namely GIS2FEM and RIV2FEM, have been developed to link the two models by transferring recharge and baseflow from mHM to Neumann boundary conditions in OGS.

About mesoscale Hydrological Model (mHM)

You could find information about mHM in follwing links:
- General homepage:
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You could download the new version from several mirrored repositories:
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About OpenGeoSys (OGS)

You could find information about OGS5 in follwing links:
- General homepage:
- Wiki:
- Build instructions:
- Jenkins:

You could find information about OGS6 (the state-of-art version) in follwing links:

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  • Jing, M., Heße, F., Wang, W., Fischer, T., Walther, M., Zink, M., Zech, A., Kumar, R., Samaniego, L., Kolditz, O., and Attinger, S.: Improved representation of groundwater at a regional scale – coupling of mesocale Hydrologic Model (mHM) with OpeneGeoSys (OGS), Geosci. Model Dev. Discuss.,, in review, 2017.
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